Music Direction


We have our full video production setup which includes Chroma setup, Lights, Cameras and other camera’s equipment, Our services include creation of music videos for individual songs or complete album, shooting of commercial films, ads/commercials or documentary for your video production. We can also arrange for models/actors for action in your video production. Also with our expert industrial cinematographers and editor along with industrial standard software’s and equipment’s, we will provide you with the best in class editing and post production.


  • Introduction to Sound
  • Role of a Music Director
  • Types of Sound textures
  • Introduction of Indo-Western Music Fraternity
  • Layout on the best contributions made by most acclaimed Music Directors
  • Different types of Instruments and their usage
  • Basics on how to play few Indo- Western Instruments (Synthesizer, Guitar,Harmonium, Table, Drums, etc)
  • Basics of Composing I - Musical themes
  • Basics of Composing II - includes knowledge of different genres of musical trends - folk music, western music, light music, etc.
  • Preparation of Track Sheet(s) & Parts
  • Basic of Computer Based Recording & Software
  • Basics Patterns of Indo-Western Rhythms & Beats
  • Basics of Sound Designing
  • Acoustic and Synthetic Sounds
  • Basic of Studio Equipments
  • Recording 1.0 - Mono/Stereo track recording at Live Studio
  • Basics of Composing III - How to use composite sounds and composing multichannel tracks
  • Basics of Composing IV- Understanding Vocals - Solo, Duet, Chorus, Harmonization, Contras, Scale, Chord Progressions etc
  • Basics of Indian & Western Orchestration
  • Basics of Music Sequencing & Feeding
  • Basic on MIDI Programming
  • How to Read and Write Notations (Western & Indian)
  • Basics of Editing on Software
  • Basics of Balancing
  • Basics of Mixing

Why to join us:

  1. You will be provided Musicians & Singers as per Requirement.
  2. Books ( basic).
  3. You will be provided Studio for Live Recording Place.
  4. Computers for Production & Practice


You can get work as Studio Engineer, Music Arranger, Music Producer, Recording Engineer, Editing Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Game Audio Designer Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Audio Post Engineer, Stage Monitoring Engineer, Dialogue Editor, Location Recordist, Programmer, Sound Effect Editor, Studio Manager, Studio Assistant, Sound Designer at any Radio, Television Production, Film, News, Outdoor sound recording, Stage shows, Event sound manager, Private Music Studios, Community Radio, Freelancer, Private Production, Home Studio.